Would you like to learn more about our program and how we can help you or someone you love? The admissions process starts with a phone call. Call us today at 1-859-309-8188, and you’ll be connected with an Admissions Specialist who can help you get started. Our admissions team can assist you and your family in arranging a time and date for admission, coordinated by appointment only.

Pre-Admission Assessment


What we ask the prospective client or their loved one questions about:

  • The prospective client’s history and length of substance use

  • Family history, including substance use and physical and psychological health

  • History of treatment

  • Current medications


You are welcome to ask questions and share your concerns about our programs, philosophy, facilities and staff during this time. We understand that deciding to begin treatment is often an emotional time full of uncertainty, and our Recovery Admissions Specialists serve as valuable resources.

Recovery Admission Criteria

  • You must be medically stable.

  • You must agree to comply with the Resident Code of Conduct.

  • You must have a desire to change and a willingness to commit to the program.

  • You must be chemically-dependent. We are a recovery center for adult women (18 and over) who have chemical dependency problems.

  • You must understand the following behaviors will result in dismissal: drug and/or alcohol use; inappropriate rage or anger; and repeated and/or serious violations of the Resident Code of Conduct.

  • Cost of Program for first 6 weeks is $499.00 (assistance may be available) This amount is non-refundable.

Thank you for your interest in One Bridge to Hope.


We are a faith based nonprofit organization. We exist because we do believe that you can experience a life change and freedom from addiction. We offer a short-term program. The efforts of our program are focused on the sobriety and well-being of our participants spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. This is a paraprofessional program with a strong faith-based philosophy of recovery.




If you are ready to take the first step to apply to One Bridge to Hope program, please read the below information then then complete the entire application


Your Information

If you are ready to take the first step to apply to One Bridge to Hope program, please read the below information.

1. One Bridge to Hope is a Christ-centered, faith-based program, which adheres to the

principles of the Bible.

2. One Bridge to Hope is not a medical or psychiatric facility and does not allow

mood and mind-altering medications at any time.

3. One Bridge to Hope does not provide detox services and participants must be

detoxed prior to arriving to our facility.

4. One Bridge to Hope is a non-smoking, tobacco stimulant free campus.

5. One Bridge to Hope reserves the right to refuse applicants.

6. One Bridge to Hope has a non-refundable entry and intake fee of $499.00.

One Bridge to HOPE

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